Columbia Park Fall Leaf Pick-Up Schedule

              (Following are a few reminders regarding leaf pick-up:)

                         ~ Rake LEAVES ONLY to the edge of the lawn, not onto the street.

                         ~ If you rake your leaves on a windy day, please wet them lightly
                            with a hose to prevent them from blowing away.

                         ~ ABSOLUTELY NO YARD WASTE such as twigs, branches, old
                            flowers, stones, grass clippings, etc.

                         ~ If anything other than leaves are seen or found in the leaf piles,
                            your home may be bypassed and you will be responsible for
                            disposing of the leaves.

                         ~ Please place bagged leaves in the open 20 yard containers located
                            by the compactors.

                         ~ Leaf pick-up is done as a courtesy, usually between Mid October
                            until the end of November (weather permitting).


            Although we make every attempt to get to your street on the scheduled day of
            the week to remove leaves; weather delays and equipment issues do arise
            which can prevent pick-up.

            Please bag your leaves and take them to the open 20 yard containers at the
            compactor area if we do not make it to your street within a few days.