After Hour Emergencies


           440-235-5300  - MAIN OFFICE

          440-793-6784  - GATEHOUSE


December 12, 2017



Do you know when to contact the office for a maintenance emergency with your

home?  Do you know what maintenance issues the park is responsible for?
Do you know whom to call if you have a maintenance emergency after hours? 

This page is intended to answer some of these questions.

Question 1:        

What maintenance is the park responsible for?

If you experience an issue resulting from anything that is located beneath the
ground, the park is responsible to make that repair.  

For example: 
you flush your toilet and notice water coming up in your sinks and tubs. This
is an indication of a main line clog; meaning the main sewer line is clogged
underground.  Before you take it upon yourself to contact your plumber,
you should call the office for park staff to assess the issue.  This will save you
a lot of money on a plumber when all along it was the park’s issue to fix.

If you experience half power or power surges this can be a problem with the
line underground from the pedestal to your home and this line
is the responsibility of the park to repair. In this issue, we first ask that
you contact your electric service provider to inform them of your issue and for
them to come out and assess their lines.  Once they have checked their
lines, if you still have an issue then you should call the office.

Question 2:       

What maintenance is the resident responsible for?

Residents are responsible for any repair to the home (including underneath the
home) from the ground up.  Frozen lines, pipe breaks, hot water tanks, local toilet
or sink clogs etc.  For these repairs you should call your handyman. 
If you need a list of park registered contractors call the office or the list is
available in the Resident Resources tab of the Columbia Park website.

Question 3:        

What if the office is closed? Who do I call?

If you can, please call the Columbia Park Office during normal business hours
(Mon – Fri  -  8:00am to 4:15pm) at 440-235-5300

If it is after hours or on the weekends, please call the GATEHOUSE at 440-793-6784.

The gatehouse staff will then contact the maintenance person on call.